Quality Miniature Poodles, specializing in Kleinpudel/Moyens
Our specialty are over-size Miniatures/small
Standards, equal to the German Kleinpudel (also
referred to as Moyens). We have found them to
be the ideal family companions, smaller than a
full size Standard, but large enough to "handle"
children. Consistent good drive, willing to please
and stable in temperament.
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My poodles are primarily family companions, with sound
structure and people-orientated temperaments. Some of
our puppies have gone on to be successful in various
performance events, proving that you can have both -
beauty & brains. I also groom & handle my own poodles,
showing in the AKC & UKC conformation rings on a
limited basis. Health and soundness are my priority, all
breeding stock is fully health tested and extensive
background research goes into every planned breeding.
Puppies are raised in the home, with exposure to children,
early neurological stimulation exercises and daily handling.
The puppies also have access to agility equipment and
love to play hide & seek in some hollow logs. Their
socialization program includes short trips in the area for
ample opportunity of meeting new people and other pets.
All our puppies are left with natural tails and
dew-claws. Reservations are recommended.
I first started with Great Danes, also lived on a large farm and raised purebred Arabian Horses. After my beloved
Dinah passed away - at the tender age of 6 1/2, I was looking for something more. Something that had similar
qualities to my Arabians. I wanted intelligence, health, versatility, people-orientated temperaments, soundness
and longevity. A friend recommended a Standard Poodle. I thought she was crazy, but decided to keep an open
mind and do a little research. Everything seemed to fit exactly what I was looking for, so I began my search for a
Standard Poodle puppy. As luck would have it, there was a litter advertised in the local paper and I went to see
those puppies. I was absolutely taken with the sire, Raven. A gorgeous, masculine black male, great substance,
regal appearance and wonderful temperament. I just had to have one of his puppies. That's how Windy -
IntVetCh Friendships MKM Ladywind Too - came into my life. Windy stole my heart, she was my constant
companion, whether I was out shoeing horses, riding in the mountains or traveling. She easily adapted to any
given situation and took everything in stride. Then the real work began. As with my horses, I dove into pedigree
research, looking at lots of litters and other poodles, learning about health issues, temperaments and
structures. When I began looking for a suitable mate for Windy, it was hard to find anything not too closely
related in my area, and as a novice, I didn't feel comfortable with line-breeding. So during a visit to my family in
Germany, Mickey - IntCh Flash Of Lightning Macintosh - was added to the family and my Standard Poodle
breeding program began.
A couple of years ago, after having moved off the farm and finding
myself in smaller living quarters, I became intrigued with the
miniature variety. It was love at first sight with my first co-owned
Miniature Poodle - IntCh Orista Claire. She had the temperament
and demeanor of a Standard, people-orientated and friendly,
elegant and charming. I look for the same qualities as in my
Standards, as miniatures really should be just like them, in a
smaller package. My Miniature Poodles today are almost all of
German ancestry, consistently following the ideals for family
companions, attractive, with nice structure and substance. A
couple of years after the birth of my daughter, I discovered the
ultimate family dog - the Kleinpudel/Moyen. The Standards were
too intimidating to her, my Miniatures required close supervision
- so arrived our first Kleinpudel - Asterix Von Ziethnereck. He was
perfect, a natural with children, large enough to handle a toddler
and game for anything she threw at him - including dress-up. I
have since imported a number of European Kleinpudel/Moyen
and found those traits to be extremely consistent - stable
temperaments, patient with children and extremely athletic.