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Meet "Owen" - the Hero
Kimron Te-Awa Phoenix Ablaze x Karbits Fame & Fortune
Sharing a story of a poodle Hero! I bought my dog, Owen, from Karin about 18 months ago. He
is a fabulous dog - bright, beautiful and strong. In January 2010, I was working in my home office
one evening when Owen came in and began barking and pulling at my PJ leg. He was extremely
insistent, so I got up and went with him. That's when I saw the fire! My bathroom was full of
flames, crackling as they poured down from the ceiling. I am very hard of hearing (mostly deaf),
and Owen has already figured this out. He routinely "tells" me when the doorbell rings, timers go
off, etc. Anyway, I had neither heard nor seen the fire until Owen told me. The smoke alarm was
also going, but tucked into my around-the-corner office, I had not heard it. In a matter of about
20 seconds, I closed all the upstairs doors behind me, grabbed Owen, and left the house. We
called the fire department, and they arrived in about 3 minutes, thank goodness. We were very
lucky, not only to be alive, but in that only the center of the house was damaged. Because Owen
got us out of the house quickly, and because we have a great fire department, we lost the
bathroom, a couple of walls, and sub-roof - all covered by insurance. The fire chief said that the
fire was maybe a minute away from spreading into the hall and trapping Owen and I in the back
part of the house, at which point things could have become much worse. After the fire, the chief
came and insisted on meeting Owen and shaking his paw. He called him a hero!
Before the fire, when I worked in my office in the evenings, Owen would lie on the floor beside
me. Since the fire, he now lies in the hallway just outside the door. He's keeping watch. Karin, I
am so grateful for this wonderful dog, who not only fills my days with energy and hilarity, but also
saved my life.
Tango obtained his FCI International Champion title!
Thank You, Anna Chilikina, for the wonderful grooming and handling!